Design Pylon+

An unique radiance thanks to the patented profile for advertising pylons


Advertising columns, -pylons or totems appear in various shapes and measures. These elements are often used at the entrance of an office building, as inside or outside wayfinding. Recognisability of the corporate identity and clear indication of directions is of the greatest importance to make your customers and other visitors adequately find their way to and inside your building. Of course every organisation strives for a unique design that perfectly matches to the professional appearance and image they pursue.




To be able to realise a unique advertising pylon for every organisation at an attractive price, Armada Janse developed especially for this application the DesignPylon+. This product is based on a patented aluminium extruded profile which offers a wide range of possibilities in the design of advertising columns. The profile can be used in both length and width so that either a shallow or a deep application can be realised in different heights. The panels of the advertising column can completely be adjusted to the customer’s wishes: flat, bulging or any other design. The use of blind attachments for the panels in the profile creates a tight whole without any visible attachment points. The application of lighting (one-sided or double sided in may versions) is a well affordable option. It is even possible to use a light contour on the outside. In short terms the DesignPylon+ offers countless possibilities to customize your column and to realise your own unique corporate identity at an interesting price.


The advantages at one glance

High design value by invisible attachment points

The design of the patented extrusion profile ensures a blind attachment of the panels without any visible screws of other fasteners. In this way a column with a high design value is created.


The DesignPylon+ can be completely customised to every wish. Armada Janse’s own graphic department will gladly discuss all possibilities in shaping your design pylon.

Inside and outside application

The column is suitable for both inside and outside applications and can be used as advertising carrier or wayfinding as well.

Advantageous customisation

The use of this patented profile generates a considerable cost benefit compared to  customised advertising columns. This results in an unique design for a favourable price.


Customised Advice

We will gladly give you a customised advice on the possibilities of our advertising column for your organisation. For more information on this and other novelties please visit our website.


For a no-obligation free appointment or telephone advise

you can reach us at + 31 (0)40-2561911





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Illuminated advertising Armada Janse
Illuminated advertising Armada Janse
Illuminated advertising Armada Janse
Illuminated advertising Armada Janse