Light laboratory Armada Janse

Optimal advice for visibility of your brand.

Illuminating is customization. To give our customers the best advice possible Armada Janse has created its own Light laboratory. Here our customers can experience the newest techniques in illuminated advertising using different materials and light sources.


We can demonstrate the differences between an inadequate illumination with low visibility and a well illuminated element.

Your visibility an appearance support the way, you may distinguishe yourselves from your competitors. 


In our light lab we have all possibilities to demonstrate all sorts of led illumination and materials for all types of environments.


Our advisors can, in close consultation with you, offer you the best possible solution, meeting all your wishes and needs.


Illuminated advertising Armada Janse



Do you want to find out more about the ‘Light Lab’ of Armada Janse? 

Call +31 (0)40 – 256 19 11 for more information or a customized advice.




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