With the mission to make tunnels safer, more comfortable and attractive Armada Janse developed in cooperation with IPV in Delft a new fixture; Stamina.


Through indirect light this linear element provides a spacious atmospheric tunnel. Due to this technique uncomfortable blinding and light-dark contrasts are avoided. The result is a clear tunnel for a safe and pleasant passage.



Our fittings are characterized by:


• Indirect lighting
• Vandal-proof 
• Applicable in every tunnel
• Low energy usage (LED)
• Easy to Maintain
• Water-resistant
• Long life-time
• Endless possibilities (personalisation, interactivity, etcetera)


Do your want your tunnel safe and vandal-proof through the right light? Or do you have your questions about other kind of (architectural) tunnel lighting?

We would like to inform you about the possibilities.

For more information call Armada Janse (+) 31 (0) 40 256 19 11                                       

or sent a mail to


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Illuminated advertising Armada Janse
Illuminated advertising Armada Janse
Illuminated advertising Armada Janse