CE marking

CE marking is used on a product to indicate that it complies with European laws and regulations. These requirements mainly relate to HSE aspects (Safety, Health, Environment). Notice that the CE marking is not a quality mark.


The CE marking has 2 purposes:

• to promote free trade within the EEA;

• harmonisation of the legislation of the EEA countries on product health and safety.


When products do not meet the European requirements, the CE marking is not allowed and these products may not be traded in the EEA.


Stamina light fittings

In cooperation with IPV Delft, Armada Janse developed a fitting for indirect lighting of tunnels and underpasses.


As a company, you want to bring to the market a fitting that is characterised by indirect lighting, that is vandal-proof, with low in energy consumption, maintenance-friendly and that has a long-life span, and yet it is not quite all.


For the Stamina light fitting, Armada Janse recently received the CE conformity statement. This allows us to demonstrate that the Stamina light fitting complies with the low voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, and the Directives EMC 2017/30/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU and Ecodesign 2009/125/EC.


As a manufacturer, we hereby demonstrate that the Stamina light fitting meets all the essential requirements of the applicable EU directive(s).



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