Customised fittings

What are customised fittings?

Specific light plans need customised light solutions. Today’s standard fitting product range is not always sufficient. Where standard fittings stop, Armada Janse goes on with your creativity. Where it comes to a divergent measurement of the fitting, an adjustment in necessary lighting technology, an artistic or elegant integrated fitting that fits into the environment.

We translate your demands and wishes into customized high quality solutions.


Customised fittings 

Armada Janse has the know-how to translate your ideas and to produce a technical makeable fitting. With adequate advice, in-house engineering, production and service teams we can take you from A to Z through your project.


Examples of customised fittings are:

• Fittings with special lengths and/or divergent measurements

• Fittings provided with the right and necessary light strength


Customised fittings made by Armada Janse

Armada Janse realises customised fittings in close consultation with architects and designers, and in any case we can make a prototype. Below you will find some projects where we were obliged to develop customised fittings, production and installation.


Do you want to know more about the possibilities of customised fittings?

Call: +31 (0)40 – 256 19 11 for more information or a customised advice.





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