Canvas lightbox Schiphol P3

Project location: Schiphol Amsterdam

Schiphol has built a new P3 parking garage to continue to provide enough parking space for passengers. The parking garage has five floors and offers 2,600 parking spaces.


Armada Janse furnished the outside of the P3 parking garage with a gigantic canvas lightbox, where the box itself sinks into the facade. With a size of 20 meters by 9 metres (180 m2) Armada Janse created a Visual that has never been displayed in the Netherlands before.


In coordination with the contractor Ballast Nedam, Armada Janse was tasked to take care of the engineering, visualisation, project management, production, assembly and maintenance. Thanks to the fact that Armada Janse was involved in the construction team early on, the end result is unique.


The solution for tightening the canvas was technically complex. However, by means of a hinged frame and a fully engineered tensioning system, it was possible to create a beautiful expression.



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Schiphol lightbox Armada Janse
Schiphol P3 Canvas lightbox
Armada Janse