Vestia tower

Project location: Den Haag

The Vestia, which rises 132 metres, had to be fitted with an 80-metre-high LED screen that could provide the city with relevant information about the city of The Hague, current events and advertising messages. Because the building largely serves as a residential tower, it was a challenge to let the residents experience as little nuisance as possible from the screen. The enjoyment of the dwelling could not be affected.    


Together with VML Technologies and MK2, Armada Janse designed a lamella LED screen that is integrated into the architecture of the building. Given that the screen consists of LED light strips, mounted on a grid of aluminium constructions, a 300 m2 screen with 75% a transparency was created. This allows the people in the building to look outside as normally, while from the outside you can see a high-resolution screen.



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Armada Janse Media façades
Armada Janse Media Façades
Armada Janse Media Façades